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As an entrepreneur, you invest to keep up and make your organization future-proof. However, that costs a lot of energy and money. The government has an incentive policy through subsidies that may also limit your financial risks. Subsidies come in different shapes and sizes from different agencies. There is a jungle of regulations and institutions. How can you take advantage of the subsidy options without having to do too much work with them? After all, you want to focus on entrepreneurship. Are your projects eligible for subsidies? What is involved? And what requirements are set?

In a world that changes daily, we identify opportunities for our customers every day. We are aware of the financing options. This is how we help you achieve your goals. Together with Mercera Financial Consultancy, we ensure successful financing of your business plans.

When applying for the subsidy, we do not invoice on an hourly basis. You only pay when we have successfully processed the application.

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Step 1.

Investigate subsidy options.

Step 2.

Writing the subsidy application.

Step 3.

Creating a project administration.

Step 4.

Making a final declaration.

Step 5.

You will receive a determination decision

You don’t have to worry about this at all. You will receive our invoice upon completion of the subsidy application. If you are not eligible for a subsidy application, you will not receive an invoice from us. There are no costs associated with not receiving a subsidy.

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