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Accountant for self-employed people.

We take care of your entire accounting so that you can focus on the success of your company.

As a self-employed person, you are already busy enough with entrepreneurship and doing what you are good at. You want to earn money and focus on growing your business without spending hours doing your bookkeeping yourself (which you actually don’t have enough time for).

✅ Stop spending hours Googling which deductions apply to your company.
✅ Save Money by not unnecessarily sponsoring the tax authorities.
✅ Reliable accountant with knowledge of deductions and tax benefits so that you do not pay too much tax.

🔒 Your data is safe and we respect your privacy.

Competitive All-In Rate

ZZP Accounting package from a fixed rate of €65 per month without surprises afterwards. (Possible to pay monthly.)

Experienced accountant

Personal Accountant with experience at the tax authorities and Ministry of Finance. (specialism: deductions and tax benefits.)

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100% insight into your finances

We take care of your entire accounting for you. This way you save a lot of time and money and you can do business worry-free.

Carefree entrepreneurship. That's it

How can we help you?

You are already busy enough with your business and have little time for your accounting. Or you just don’t feel like keeping track of it yourself.

For €65 per month we will take care of all the figures, headaches and time-consuming accounting for you. We process the entire administration and take care of all mandatory declarations.

A self-employed person likes to save money & time. But did you know that the majority of self-employed people who do their own bookkeeping in Excel sheets or with accounting programs still transfer 40% to 60% too much to the tax authorities?

At the same time, it is also very important to ensure that your accounting is in order and you naturally want answers to every financial issue.

This way you can focus on the growth of your company without any worries.

How it works?

Outsource your Accounting
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(For a fixed low rate, all worries are taken care of, so you have more time and money)


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Choose the accounting package that suits the needs of your company.


👍 We take care of the accounting.

Do what you are good at and we will take care of all your accounting.

Specialist in accounting for self-employed people

Merfincon Unburdens your entire Accounting.

Do you spend hours on your own administration and have no idea which deductions and tax benefits you are missing? Unfortunately, the tax authorities do not provide tools so that you “don’t pay too much tax.” In addition to saving time, an accountant helps you take complete care of your administration and proactively looks at deductions, tax benefits and subsidies for your company.


Proactive Administration, tax analyses, and preparation of annual overview.

VAT declaration

Value added tax (VAT) returns 4x per year. (And income tax once a year.)

Income Statement

Help with the next step in your life.

Prepare invoicing

All your invoices drawn up.

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👋 Your Accountant

As an experienced accountant with work experience at the tax authorities, I know all the complex tax rules, deductions, and tips so that you do not unnecessarily pay too much tax. I can advise you on important decisions for your business or private life.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs want a thoughtful and proactive accountant who not only deals with the figures, but also comes up with sharp analyzes and money-saving solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In principle we can start immediately. We still need a few things from your old accountant, but there is no rush.

Your administration can be taken over at a number of fixed times during the year. This is only possible from January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. In this way we can ensure that the next turnover tax (VAT) return is submitted correctly. So avoid paying twice with your old accountant!

Absolutely! We need the final figures from your administration that was kept by your old accountant. We will process these as initial figures in your new online administration.

Of course, you will not be charged anything extra. We are very happy that you will become a customer! ;)

Subscriptions and Rates

Everything you need and a little extra. This means processing your administration, submitting tax returns, drawing up official annual accounts (upon request) and an interim report once a year (export from accounting system). Additional reports and issues that are more complex are not included.

No. You can cancel at any time. For example, are you canceling in April? Then you only pay for that month. You also do not have to send a registered letter. One email to us and your subscription will be terminated immediately. Equally good friends.

No, questions about your financial administration, tax returns and annual figures will of course be answered for you free of charge. This is included in your online accounting subscription.

Do you have a company-specific or situation-dependent question? Consider advice for setting up a BV or preparing a tax return for a family member? We will then pass on a previously agreed rate to you. This way we prevent unforeseen surprises afterwards.

Payment can be made monthly or quarterly and via iDeal or direct debit.

You can start by scheduling a no-obligation consultation by filling out the form on this page.

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Save more free time and money

Outsource your accounting so that you have more time and freedom for your business
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🔒 Your data is safe and we respect your privacy.